Looking Forward!

New beGINnings!  No, I really can not let a good gin pun go to waste, but I’m not sure I go in for New Years resolutions.  They are too easy to break.  On the other hand, I have so many things planned for 2021 that I can not wait to share with you all, so it does feel appropriate to start 2021 with New Beginings!

The first new thing is this newsletter…  The reason I thought I would start this is because of the gin tasting experiences that I started last year.  I loved meeting so many new people, sharing the Driftwood story and of course hearing of the many amazing things that people are also doing.  So a newsletter seemed like a good way to keep that connection going.  It’s only going to be once a month. I will  share the events coming up, some of the wonderful things that we have been doing over the past month, share some nice Driftwood gin drinking suggestions and of course, throw in the odd discount code.  I hope you will follow along with me!

With all that said, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all stay well and healthy this year and that 2021 is a year that we don’t want to give back at the end of it!!

So what I am Iooking forward to this year…

A new gin terrace!  The tasting experiences were so well attended last year, that I am hoping to tempt you to linger longer and try out some different gin drinks at Driftwood whilst enjoying the sunshine this summer! (Yes we will have some!)

Opening a craft innovative meeting space!  Where better to hold small business meetings than in the creative space that is Driftwood Distillery!  Check out Wentsy for the Driftwood profile.

Reviving the Gin and Dine experiences!  It was such a shame that we had to cancel the events in November and December, but I am not going to waste a good idea!  So these will be back in the Spring time. Watch this space

More gin and more gin tasting experiences! Whether you want to do this digitally or in person, I can’t wait to start hosting these again.  Check out the online schedule here, or the in person schedule here…  

December Highlights

Once again the Christmas season seemed to take a long time to plan, was fraught with shipping delays, the threat of Brexit and the ongoing and increasing Corona outbreak… How we managed to get through all of that amazes me!  But we did and we had some fun doing it!

Christmas cocktails!

I should realise my limitations!  I am not a cocktail shaker!  I possess no flair!  Which you will have seen if you follow @driftwood instagram reels.  

But…  I did have fun with the Adventurously Yours ladies of Wassenaar. We had a great cocktail evening making my two absolute favourites; Pear and Vanilla Martini and Driftwood Gin old fashioned!

Virtual Christmas Markets

We might not have been able to amble around the Christmas markets this year, but there was a lot to look at online. Driftwood was part of the Virtual Market scene and added little Gin-gle spirit of our own!

 big thank you to Tess and Deanne for all of their efforts in getting the Leiden Virtual Christmas market up and running on Facebook.  Lots of you supported local and hopefully this market will keep going in the new year because there are some super talented people out there making some beautiful products!

Digital Distillery Experiences

And finally… all of my Buzz Lightyear hero worship came back to me when I hosted a Christmas special for the local space guys…  (you know who you are!) thank you for signing up and all of your support this year!

And that’s all for this month, folks!  See you in February!

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