Rose Finch Craft Gin

"Freedom is my choice"
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Rose Finch Gin is a traditional pink gin and a bundle of contradictions; the pale pink colour hints at sweetness, but to sip results in a smooth yet spicy taste. The floral bouquet is almost overpowering initially, yet blends seamlessly with tonics to create a light, summery gin and tonic.


Rose Finch, based on the migration bird is our ambassador who speaks of freedom to chose. Yet by being at the mercy of the wind is she really an advocate of free choice? Is she really free to go where she wants or is she a passenger on the voyage? In the end, Rose Finch gin, our most popular gin speaks to mind-set. Are you free in your thought and actions? Do you make choice freely or are you swayed by convention and end up following the norm?

3 reviews for Rose Finch Craft Gin

  1. Ally

    The best gin… ever! Love Rose Finch for special occasions like Birthdays, Bank Holidays and Thursdays.

  2. Caroline

    Gorgeously delicious, light and refreshing gin definitely a staple in my drink collection

  3. Miriam Young

    Absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of Monkey 47 so I did a direct comparison and, for me, Rose Finch won hands down! I thought there were similarities in terms of depth of character, but while the Monkey gets a bit bogged down in herbs the Rose Finch is balanced with a sweet spiciness. I’m addicted and will be back for more!

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