The Perfect Serve

A twist on the classic G&T, this has a perfect blend of juices to keep your vitamin C levels high in these wintery months!


  • 50 ml of Driftwood Rose Finch Gin
  • 40 ml of Orange juice
  • 40 ml of Cranberry juice
  • Top off with premium Indian Tonic water Orange & Cranberry stick to garnish
Rose Finch Gin


  • This is a gin and tonic with a seasonal twist.
  • Choose your glass wisely! Everything is made in the glass so its super easy
  • Add the amount of ice you prefer
  • Pour in the 50 ml of Rose Finch Gin, and on top, add the Orange juice, then the Cranberry juice.
  • Top off with the premium indian tonic water
  • To make the garnish, you can be a little creative
  • Take a slice of fresh orange, cut it into quarters and thread one quarter of orange, after one cranberry until your stick is full
    Then add to the drink with a straw!

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