Passion Fruit Mojito

The Perfect Serve

Passionfruit Mojito with a minty twist – this is a refreshing take on the classic mojito!


  • 50 ml of Driftwood Donkey Jack gin 30 ml of simple syrup
    1/2 a lime
    1 passion fruit
  • Top off with club soda
    Fresh mint to muddle & to garnish


  • First prepare the glass that you are going to serve the cocktail in.
  • Add half of the passion fruit juice and seeds along with some ice, then set it aside
  • In a shaker or a tall glass, add the gin, simple syrup, squeeze in half a lime of juice and some mint leaves.
  • Shake or stir until you are happy its all combined!
  • Pour this mixture into your serving glass
  • Top off with club soda
  • Garnish with a slice of lime and sprigs of mint!


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