The Perfect Serve

The Gin Old Fashioned!  This is a modern twist on a classic cocktail. Perfect before or after dinner!


  • 60 ml of Driftwood Damson & Cinnamon Liqueur
  • 15 ml of Cointreau
  • 15ml of Orange bitters
  • Twist of Orange peel and Red Currant to garnish

The Method

  • This is a muddling cocktail! First, cool the glass you are going to use to serve this drink with some ice
  • In a tall mixing glass, gently squash and muddle (with a back of a spoon is fine) a quarter slice of orange and a few of the red currants
  • Then add the Driftwood Damson & Cinnamon liqueur
  • Add the Cointreau, and the bitters
  • Mix and stir!
  • Tip out the ice from your serving glass, strain the cocktail mix into it
  • Add one or two cubes of ice and garnish with a twist of Orange & some elegantly placed red currants!

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