How We Make Our Gin

We are a craft gin distillery.  We are small and boutique.  We occupy a space of 140m2 and our distillery has the capability to do everything from distilling, bottling, labelling, storing, tasting and selling.  We have sourced craft machinery from all quarters of the world and have adapted and modified to make sure that we produce high quality gin that leaves a smile on your face and a warm glow around you!

Every one has a story to tell and this is the story of how we make our gin.  If you want to find out more, we are available for events and tastings

We start with cold macerating the juniper in grain neutral spirit.  Juniper is like the central nervous system of gin.  It’s the backbone for all gins and its profile changes over the course of distilling.  It can go from being quite lemony in taste through to herbal and then on to pine and woody.  All of the other botanicals hang on to the juniper at various points of the profile to add in complexity and well… gin-ness!

Cold macerating means that the juniper flavours are released slowly into the grain neutral spirit.  It gives it a rich tea colour and a very powerful nose!  Once ready, we then add this mixture into the still.

Our approach to distilling is also known as the “one shot”.  We only distil once to make our gin.  We also do a combination of vapour infusion and steeping.  Some of our botanicals hang in little sacks and are infused into the gin, others stay in the mixture in the pot.


So what is in our recipe?  Of course, this is a trade secret, but you can be sure that we have the staples in there of cardamom, coriander, citrus and spice.  Depending on the style of gin that we are making, we vary the quantities to emphasise different flavours.  We also vary the speed of the distillation and the amount of tail that we add in to change the profile.   It may be a clear liquid in the bottle but none of our gins taste the same.

Distillation normally takes about four hours.  What comes out of the still is graded into three categories; head, heart and tail.  The heart is what we use to make our gin.  It comes out of the still between 76 and 79 abv.

Its at this point that we have another decision to make; to blend or keep as a unique run.  Whichever decision we make, we normally let the gin rest for about a week.  Then we dilute.  We only dilute with ionised water so that means that when you drink our gin, you are drinking distilled gin.  There is no other alcohol added, and no other essences.  We don’t “fix” anything!


Once we have diluted, we again leave the gin to rest for about three weeks before we bottle.  We love our bottling machine!  It’s a cool little bit of kit that measures out precisely 50cl of gin to four bottles at a time.  The fastest we have been able to go is 250 bottles an hour!

So then it is on with the caps and the shrink wrap and over to the labelling machine.  The labels we will have printed out beforehand on our label printer.  We love the flexibility that this gives us.  It means we can tweak or change a word here or there.  The labelling machine does front and back labels and is designed for speed.  Each bottle goes in, two labels put on, one completed bottle.  It takes around 2 seconds a bottle!


And so that is it. We cant describe all the other little steps and “gotchas” that we seem to experience with every run.  But now you know that when we sell you a bottle of our gin, its been made with care and passion.  We have taken it from a dried botanical to a juicy gin and we hope you enjoy it!