Easter signifies the be-gin-ing of something new!

And Sligro’s Jong edition is focussing on Driftwood Distillery’s gin…

Driftwood Distillery Gin in Exclusive at Sligro

Being new to the trade game, I did not know that Easter starts back in January for the Horeca business. That was when Driftwood Distillery was invited to one of the promo events for gin. It is for those employees who work in the wine and spirits section of Sligro. So it was gin bottles into the car and off to Veghel

A supersonic elevator pitch!

It was speed dating for spirits! It was a cold and frosty afternoon when in 40 minutes, 100 people came round the table. They tasted a selection of gins that Sligro was offering that year. They sipped, listened, asked questions, made notes and vanished again. It left me wondering whether my elevator pitch was supersonic enough. I just hoped it was going up for us!

We are going national!

Its Driftwood Fresh and Jong!

Luckily it seems that the folks at Sligro liked our gin selection. The phone call came through the next week asking for delivery of the gins to a small photographer and media office. We were doing an exclusive photo shoot for the Exclusief magazine!

We only have eyes for Driftwood!

Make your next gin cocktail a Ruffled Raspberry Ripple!

And ok, so the article isn’t just about Driftwood Distillery gin. But the pictures are great! The write up is cool! We love the recipe suggestion for Donkey Jack Gin! So if you are in Sligro any time soon or want your favourite restaurant to serve Driftwood Distillery gin, then they know Sligro will have them covered!

You can find Driftwood Distillery selection at 17 of the Sligro Stores, but it is available to all, so if its not at yours… just ask!

And check out the link to the magazine to see us in glorious print!

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