Dutch News!

“And she doesn’t like Bitterballen!” 

In a week when the Brexit deal does not seem to leave the headlines and everyone wonders whether Theresa May will survive, we were busy making our own headlines….  I might have made a small error in declaring that I did not like Bitterballen in 10 Questions, published by Dutch News.  

For those who don’t know what bitterballen are, they are deep fried balls with a gooey centre.  They are not sweet, they are savoury; I can not describe what is inside, but I have burnt my mouth on too many of them now to select them again when they are passed around the bar.

Competition time!

And to wrap up the interview, we launched a quick competition for people posting their favourite bar on the DutchNews Facebook; prize?  A bottle of my favourite Driftwood Gin!

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