Twente reasons…

The next gin festival is coming up soon (6th October) and it is the Ginfestival Twente op 6 oktober a.s. in Theaterhotel Van Der Valk in Almelo.  We were really pleased to be able to tell our story again and you can read all about it in GinTonic magazine

One of the most difficult things to answer is “Why..”  Why did we set up a distillery?  We get asked this a lot and its not a short answer and to be honest, its not one reason.  There may not be Twente reasons why we set up Driftwood, but here are a few good ones.

  1. We love gin
  2. We love being able to create something unique
  3. We love telling stories
  4. We like meeting new and interesting people
  5. We like finding out about the area we life in
  6. We love experimenting with the distilling process
  7. We like solving conundrums
  8. We really like our gin characters
  9. We like learning new stuff
  10. We always wanted to take our dog to work

Come and find us at www.theaterhotel.nl.  Doors open at 15:00 and I am not sure when they close…  maybe when all the gin has gone!

“Gins met een goed verhaal” – Gins with a good story

Gins with a good story

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