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Driftwood at Junipalooza

When we signed up at Junipalooza, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We had heard that it was big. We had heard that it was for real gin fans and experts. What we didn’t realise was just how big and how knowledgeable the fans were.

Firstly, let me say that the organisation around this event was superb. The media support with articles about the gin brands that are coming, the logos and pictures for the brands, all have that junipalooza feel. The set up was smoothly organised with tonics, ice, glasses, locations, food…everything executed with friendly, yet military precision.

Compared to the other festivals, Junipaloza was run in sessions, which was great because as a brand owner, you got to take a breath and take comfort breaks. The sessions were manageable in length and the audience moved quickly through the halls as there was so much to see. All the stands were managed by the gin owners or distillers, so it was not so much of a “marketing and merchandising madness”, but became more of a collective “ we are in this all together” vibe.

Driftwood had a blast. We might have had a Donkey who was two steps away from an ASBO hanging over our heads, but actually that was what people came to see. Chow Hound did pretty well too! Who doesn’t love dogs after all and one parachuting out of a plane has to be seen!

We met so many gin clubs from different countries, gin authorities and enthusiasts and we got some great positive feedback about the gin we are producing. Hopefully we gained a few more Driftwood fans, and we left being a Junipalooza fan…. Melbourne next year??

Read their article about us here.

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