Amsterdam Gin Festival

Amsterdam Gin Festival

The Gin season in the Netherlands really starts in May with the Amsterdam Gin Festival. It’s the biggest, most well known and its held a boat trip away which is plenty of time for the visitors to build up a thirst!

After Berlin, we thought we would know what to expect, but no! I turned up with the van stocked with gin and roller banners and plant pots… Only to find that brands had created their own saloons, complete with comfy chairs that would look great in my lounge and really put my pot of mint to shame!

There were no apple boxes here! Big brands and little guys mingle with the food trucks and barbers(!) creating one big bootiful gin-matic-mess. It’s a gin enthusiasts dream, a little bit of adventure with new brands that offer something different combined with the safety in knowing that your favourite brand is just a step away.

This year the festival carried on for three days, but we only made it through two before collapsing in a heap in the garden.

Key stats:

  • 2,800 visitors to the event
  • 750 gin samples provided
  • 240 gin and tonics sold
  • 20 hours serving
  • 5 trips to the food trucks for sustenance
  • 4 very tired feet
  • 1 overused jacket because Hannah forgot hers and it was freezing on the day! (lesson learnt)

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