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Living well with Livets Goda

We owe a lot to Wijnhandel Peeters. He was the first one to believe in us. He took us under his wing and explained some of the trickier concepts about the spirits industry and he was the first one to take a risk and put our gin on his shelves. He also set us up!

Without telling us, he sent our gin samples off to Livets Goda in Sweden. These guys are THE wine and spirits specialist magazine in Sweden. He also sent off 35 other dutch gins to the same place and they decided to play a game of blind tasting.

The first I knew about it was when one the judging panel contacted me to ask for a photo of us. Then we heard a whisper that there had been a competition. Then there was a text to say that we had won the competition. Then there was much dancing and celebrating in the Driftwood Distillery! It took a while for the article to come out and even longer for us to get a hardcopy of the magazine. But it is there for all to see…

A Swedish blind tasting of 35 Dutch Gins with ours lined up in beautiful colour photography:

  • Rose Finch Gin – 95 points
  • JVS Gin – 94 points
  • Donkey Jack Gin – 92 points

So, Dhr Peeters, you are off the hook this time!

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